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"Continuum provides an opening to the deepest, most satisfying nourishment, long sought after and rarely received."


What we call body can be experienced as a continuum of unfolding movement. Our cells shimmer, bones spiral and tissues undulate with intelligence and aliveness. Our breath can be felt as the wind of creation. Our sounds can be perceived as the echoes of primordial ancestors.

Continuum Is a visionary inquiry into our capacity to innovate and participate with the essential, generative, and biological movement processes of life. In Continuum, we use sensation as a guide for exploring our essential fluidity. Sensations of pleasure create an invitation for self-renewal. Through awakening the body’s mysteries and fundamental fluidity, we create a complex intrinsic environment that can effect paralysis and disease processes, mediate aging, increase mobility and enhance aliveness.

The essential elements of a Continuum class or private session are breath, sound, and non-patterned movement ranging from subtle micro-movements to dynamic full-bodied expressions. Times of intentional movement exploration alternate with times of “open attention” and quiet sensing.

  Emlie Conrad

Founder of Continuum

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